LegalMation’s Subpoena Response Creator tackles one of the most tedious tasks performed today by legal professionals. Primarily serving in-house legal teams, this tool completely automates the drafting of responses to high volume subpoenas. Focused on Subpoena Duces Tecum and document request subpoenas, legal teams can now quickly generate full responses in a few minutes versus hours.


Typically a time-sensitive and high-volume workflow tackled by in-house legal teams, the efforts involved in responding to subpoenas are substantial. With LegalMation’s Subpoena Response Creator, your in-house team can generate fully formatted responses tailored to the particular circumstances of the subpoenas and the documents/information requested, based on your organization’s own historical responses and appropriate objections. Simply drag/drop your subpoena, and with a few clicks, download a full draft response ready for final review.

This tool leverages each client's own historical responses to subpoenas, through a custom-built "data warehouse" that is used to quickly and accurately generate responses to subpoenas and accompanying document/information requests. Once a new subpoena is uploaded to our system, it automatically searches the full range of responses that were previously produced for the exact same or similar request(s) at issue, and "fetches" the top matches. The system automatically completes each response leaving the attorney or paralegal user to review and edit before generating a fully formatted response. Legal professionals handling subpoenas can now speed up their time to draft subpoena responses by up to 5x.