Perhaps one of the most overlooked and underappreciated, yet highly impactful workflows at both law firms and corporate legal departments, is the ability (and necessity) to summarize complaints and petitions in a succinct, actionable and scalable way. Today, most, if not all, such "matter profiling" is relegated to initial intake teams typically staffed by legal secretaries or other legal professionals. This tedious data entry and summarization exercise requires significant time, and of course, they are prone to human errors. Enter LegalMation's fully automated Matter Profiling tool.


Our fully automated matter profiling/case summary process leverages the same technical foundation of our other solutions to instantly generate fully structured reports/summaries of lawsuits and other legal documents, that you can use to deploy into your existing workflows. The system generates a report with all the granular details of a document including party names and profiles, jurisdiction, dates, causes of action, specific allegations, types of injuries/alleged damages, etc.

Legal departments and law firms can now use these structured reports to quickly and accurately initiate case files, triage case assignments, tie data to other system workflows, etc.

How It Works

Available for enterprise and high-volume cases, our Matter Profiling solution partners with law firms and corporate legal departments to create a custom workflow. Whether daily, weekly, or other interval, our solution provides simple, easy to use, fully structured reports in WORD or CSV formats with no technical limits on volume of cases. If your organization is interested in exploring this solution, please contact us to discuss our custom options.