96% of cases settle out of court, most under confidential terms. As such, publicly available information (judge rulings, jury verdicts, venue statistics, attorney win/loss records, etc.) provide valuable guidance, but represents only the tip of the iceberg. LegalMation is taking a different approach. We believe that real case insights lie beneath the surface, behind each of our customers’ own firewalls. Law firms and their corporate clients have compiled vast amounts of litigation data in the form of settlements, case outcomes, billable hours, etc. on each of the matters they have handled.Yet there is has been no scalable and accurate method by which to structure this data into more usable/granular insights which have profound impact on how cases should be assessed, assigned, handled, budgeted, and ultimately resolved – until now.

Taking Legal Analytics to the Next Level

LegalMation’s first-to-market technology and its ability to structure litigation documents (from which its automated complaint and discovery analyzer products were created), has now been trained to help law firms and corporations alike, analyze their own case data to uncover hidden insights previously not possible. Our customers get a 360-degree view of their matters, inhouse or outside counsel teams, adversaries, outcomes, and numerous other scenarios, down to specific causes of action, allegations, litigant profiles, and more.

How It Works

LegalMation’s unparalleled ability to structure hundreds of data points now enables a 3D view of data to compare 3 hierarchical levels of case information (Type, Subtype, Sub-Subtype,) against billing records and case outcomes (and other relevant data points) to offer the deepest insights ever in the legal industry:

  • RISK INDEX – First of its kind, LegalMation’s Risk Index provides a numerical score that categorizes risk of a particular case based on a variety of factors. LegalMation’s Risk Score employs an innovative statistical approach to measure all inputs that determine whether a case is low, average, or high risk. Clients are now using this to better allocate their teams and case strategies according to the level of risk.
  • OUTCOME AND COST PREDICTIONS – With thousands of additional possible data points to analyze along with billable hours and case outcome information, you can now compare a newly filed case against historical trends to determine the likelihood and percentages of outcomes and costs—tailored to the specific allegations of the matter.
  • COUNSEL COMPARISON – For corporate legal departments, in-house counsel can compare outside counsel performance against each other, and do so accurately based on the same type of case, specific to the causes of action. For law firms, managing partners and practice heads now have the ability to conduct internal partnership performance analysis.
  • DIVERSITY INDEX (Coming Soon) – LegalMation is now embarking on the above analytical tools to determine whether diverse teams are adequately being deployed and whether diverse attorneys are getting the same meaningful opportunities.