LegalMation’s Demand Letter Response tackles perhaps a much bigger pain point than litigation workflows. Primarily targeted at inhouse counsel who typically respond to numerous types of demands, including government agency inquiries (such as EEOC charges), consumer complaints, and pre-suit claims/demands, this tool reduces the time to generate responses by a significant margin, allowing in-house professionals to shift to more meaningful tasks.


Typically a time-sensitive and high-volume workflow tackled by in-house legal departments and related teams, the efforts involved in drafting responses are substantial, which include investigations, review of files and prior corporate statements. With LegalMation, your in house attorneys can generate fully formatted initial drafts of responses tailored to the particular circumstances of the dispute based on your organization’s own historical responses.

Users simply upload their original demand document + additional documents containing relevant information, select/confirm a few items, and LegalMation generates a full draft response fully tailored to a customers' strategy and formatting, all based on their own samples.