LegalMation's Deposition Assistant solution provides summaries and analysis of deposition transcripts. Unlike other summarization tools, our solution deploys a proprietary AI ensemble process to provide targeted summaries across multiple transcripts simultaneously. Designed by experienced trial attorneys with over 25 years of litigation and trial experience, this tool is designed to address both the most common and most challenging tasks involved in reviewing, summarizing, and analyzing deposition transcripts.


Simply upload your transcripts - a single transcript or several - freely type your query in our intuitive interface, and receive full summaries and analysis across all of your depos, with proper witness name and page/line references, all in mere seconds or minutes. While existing summarization tools can take well over 30 minutes to generate a summary, our tool does it is seconds. LegalMation’s multi-stage AI system identifies the highly probative and relevant pages of a deposition transcript to your key factual and legal issues. The Deposition Assistant includes several important elements for trial attorneys and litigators, such as pinpoint page citations, pre-configured prompts to detect consistent or inconsistent testimony and deposition summaries that often take hours or days to generate by manual processes alone.