Our Complaint Response Creator is capable of reading a complaint or initial petition, and produces a complete set of initial responsive documents tailored to the jurisdiction where the action was filed, including answers, requests for production, interrogatories, deposition notices, and other case-initiating documents. In addition, our system is able to match the style and content of these documents to make them indistinguishable from those generated by your attorney or firm.

Like all of our products, the Complaint Response Creator features an easy-to-use, browser-based interface; no software needs to be installed or maintained on your firm's or company’s systems and no technical expertise is necessary to use. Simply upload your applicable document via our web interface and in 2-3 minutes, download your bundle responsive documents in WORD or PDF, ready for final review and filing.

This tool is primarily designed for use by defense side attorneys in the earliest stages of litigation. Usually geared to assist defense attorneys and staff just after receiving a copy of the initial complaint or other pleading, our system only requires a digital copy (e.g. a PDF) of that initial complaint to process and produce an entire bundle of responsive draft documents.

How It Works

Leveraging our proprietary system, the Complaint Response Creator reads and understands a complaint or petition, on a sentence-by-sentence basis. This unmatched ability enables our system to determine the key allegations and relevant causes of action alleged in a complaint or petition at a very granular level, similar to how an attorney or legal professional understands legal text, but in a fraction of the time. Building on this deep understanding of the allegations and causes of action, our system is able to dynamically draft answers and discovery requests that address the actual allegations of the complaint.

Via our easy-to-use point & click system, users are able to quickly respond to each individual paragraph in an automated fashion. Referred by users as an amazing productivity tool, the Complaint Response Creator can increase attorneys' and legal professionals' capacity exponentially. For select matters, our system can be easily custom-trained to automatically answer each and every allegation of a complaint, based on a client's own historical data. Our current large enterprise clients have deployed this tool on their highest volume matters across the country, achieving a level of savings and output consistency previously not possible.