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Latest News

March 22, 2019

Forbes: Five People Currently Turning Tired Old Industries On Their Heads

Featured in Forbes (February 2019) …”It will be interesting to see what happens to the billable hour model of legal work when LegalMation becomes the norm.”

March 20, 2019

LegalMation Continues Expansion to Florida


LegalMation announces the expansion of its platform to Florida.  In addition to Florida, LegalMation is currently available in California, Texas, and New Jersey.  These four states combine for nearly 40% of litigation volume in the U.S.

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Originally published in PR Newswire
January 10, 2019

LegalMation Expands Partnership with Ogletree

Roy Strom

The AmLaw 100 labor and employment firm is making a bet that AI and big data can make its lawyers faster and more insightful.  LegalMation’s technology helps do just that.

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Originally published in The American Lawyer Paywall
November 12, 2018

The Most Human Lawyer

Joe Borstein

Technology is making lawyers, MORE human.  LegalMation’s Co-Founder and CEO James Lee discusses how technology tools are not only transforming the practice of law itself, but are making lawyers better and MORE human.

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Originally published in Above the Law
November 6, 2018

What Law Firms Need to Know to Prepare for the Next Recession

Richard Lau & Thomas Suh

Are law firms prepared for the next recession?  The usual tonic law firms employed during the Great Recession will no longer work.  Instead, law firms, clients and Alternative Legal Service Providers need to re-imagine their relationships.

(continue reading)
Originally published in The American Lawyer
October 19, 2018

LegalMation Recognized as Industry Game Changer

Gina Ray

LegalMation received Industry Game Changer award from ABBYY, a global provider of intelligent capture solutions and services.  The award recognized LegalMation’s leadership, innovation and market influence.  

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Originally published in Associated Press
September 20, 2018

What the Legal Community Can Learn from the Aviation Industry

James Lee

Efficiency advocates often hear one persistent argument against automation—increased efficiency results in reduced billable hours which means lower revenues. But the aviation industry proves that’s misguided.

(continue reading)
Originally published in LegalTech News
September 8, 2018

Save the Lawyer: AI technology accelerates and augments legal work

James Lee & Thomas Suh

Law firms are under tremendous pressure to innovate to provide better value to their clients, who demand more value for their legal dollars. Providing higher-value services in turn boosts firms’ competitiveness.  Let AI help.

(continue reading)
Originally published in IBM Blog - Client Success Notes
September 7, 2018

Law Firm Innovation Takes More than Talk

Ron Friedmann

Innovation can be the result of a number of different recipes, but all recipes have some common components. The recipe Ogletree Deakins took, which includes LegalMation, can provide an example.

(continue reading)
Originally published in LegalTech News
August 14, 2018

LegalMation Expands Litigation A.I. Platform to Texas Market

Blattel Communications

LegalMation now available for Texas cases.  Initially rolled out in California, and now with the addition of Texas, LegalMation is rapidly expanding to cover all major jurisdictions and volume practice areas across the country.

(continue reading)
Originally published in Globenewswire/West
July 16, 2018

New Beta LegalMation Module Can Draft Discovery Response Documents

Gabrielle Orum Hernández

LegalMation’s newest module, drafts written discovery response shells in seconds.  Its proprietary SMARTOBJECT(TM) tool, offers and drafts targeted suggested objections.  FREE to all users during this BETA phase.

(continue reading)
Originally published in LegalTech News
July 13, 2018

The Evolving Litigation Marketplace Demands New Ways of Doing Business

Mario Cometti

LegalMation featured as one of the legal technology companies helping disrupt the legal market and allowing law firms to adapt to changes in the marketplace as they look for alternative ways of doing business.

(continue reading)
Originally published in New York Law Journal
July 11, 2018

LegalMation® Launches New Module Focused on Discovery Response Documents

Blattel Communications

LegalMation’s latest module generates discovery response shells in seconds. The SMARTOBJECT™ feature analyzes written discovery requests and auto-suggests basic but targeted objections to each request.

(continue reading)
Originally published in Globenewswire/West
June 27, 2018

7 Corporate Legal Department Strategies for Implementing AI

Zach Warren

Legalmation featured as the AI tool used by two leading corporate legal departments: “7 Corporate Legal Department Strategies for Implementing AI.”

(continue reading)
Originally published in LegalTech News
April 27, 2018

How Ogletree Deakins Overcame Legal AI Burnout

Roy Strom

This week Ogletree Deakins became the first law firm to publicly announce a license with LegalMation. The company was co-founded in California by Thomas Suh and Big Law ex-pat James Lee, who also co-founded the litigation boutique LTL Attorneys.
Earlier this month, LegalMation announced its first public law department client: retail giant Walmart Inc., the world’s largest company by revenue.

(continue reading)
Originally published in Law.com
April 24, 2018

Maybe AI Can’t Do Everything, but Corporate Legal’s Still Trying to Adopt

Zach Warren

The entire economy, and furthermore the world, runs online and with technologies that seemed inconceivable 50 years ago. And every corporate legal department needs to be forward-looking to keep up with the change, which today means understanding AI and other automation technologies.

(continue reading)
Originally published in LegalTech News
April 23, 2018

LegalMation™ Announces Launch with Ogletree Deakins

Penny Desatnik

LegalMation™, developer of a revolutionary A.I. platform that automates early stage litigation tasks, announced today that leading labor and employment law firm Ogletree Deakins will now utilize LegalMation’s innovative technology on certain litigation matters.

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April 13, 2018

Thinking of Ditching Big Law for a Startup? Read This First.

Xiumei Dong

James Lee, a litigator at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan before starting his own litigation boutique called LTL Attorneys, has founded artificial intelligence startup LegalMation, which is able to automate many key tasks in the early stages of litigation. (Lee, who recently spoke with Law.com about AI and the law, just saw Walmart Inc. sign up to use LegalMation.)

(continue reading)
Originally published in The Recorder
April 5, 2018

The Law Firm Disrupted: Walmart Won’t Pay You to Cut and Paste

Roy Strom

Walmart has licensed a product from LegalMation that automatically drafts responses and initial discovery requests for employment and slip-and-fall suits filed in California. By this fall, the product should cover those cases in all 50 states.

(continue reading)
Originally published in Law.com Paywall
April 4, 2018

LegalMation Partners with Walmart to Provide Ground-breaking Litigation A.I. Solution to Lower Litigation Costs

Penny Desatnik

LegalMation, pioneering developer of the first platform that automates early stage litigation work by leveraging innovative IBM Watson™ technology, announces today that Walmart will implement LegalMation’s automated solution for all new lawsuits in key litigation areas as part of Walmart’s initial case assignment process.

(continue reading)
March 19, 2018

LegalMation to be Featured, Demonstrated at IBM Think 2018

Penny Desatnik

LegalMation, pioneering developer of the first artificial intelligence solution that automates early stage litigation tasks through the use of innovative IBM Watson technology, will be exhibiting and demonstrating its capabilities at IBM Think 2018. The conference will be held from March 19-22 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

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February 1, 2018

LegalMation® Selected as a 2018 Legal A.I. Leader

Penny Desatnik

LegalMation® was named by the National Law Journal today in its inaugural “Legal A.I. Leaders” list. Published as part of the Law.com network, the “Legal A.I. Leaders” list identifies and highlights the most innovative companies applying artificial intelligence in the legal industry.

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October 30, 2017

Bots could be the key to expediting due process of the law

Thomas Suh, Co-Founder and President, LegalMation

In the technology adoption lifecycle, law firms can be laggards. From email and websites to cloud computing and video conference calls, the new technologies that other businesses generally accept quickly were slow to find traction at law firms…

(continue reading)
Originally published in Venturebeat
October 18, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on the Practice of Law

Thomas Suh, Co-Founder and President, LegalMation

A presentation by Thomas Suh, panel speaker at the Bar Association of San Francisco (BASF)’s CLE panel, San Francisco, CA.

Originally published in Bar Association Of San Francisco
October 3, 2017

LegalMation Enters Groundbreaking Pilot Program with Global Retailer to Launch its New Litigation AI Platform


Artificial Intelligence Software to Reduce Time to Prepare Responses to Lawsuits and Draft Initial Discovery Requests from 6-10 Hours to Less Than 2 Minutes…

(continue reading)
October 2, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Litigation

James Lee, Co-Founder and CEO, LegalMation

This week on Law.com’s Unprecedented podcast, we hear from James Lee, CEO and co-founder of legal AI startup LegalMation. Lee, also a litigator and managing partner at LTL Attorneys in Los Angeles, talks about…

(continue reading)
Originally published in Law.com Paywall
September 24, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Experts Roundtable

Thomas Suh, Co-Founder and President, LegalMation

Thomas Suh was a panel speaker at United Nations’ ITU Telecom World 2017, Busan, South Korea.

September 15, 2017

Artificial Intelligence & the Legal Profession

James Lee, Co-Founder and CEO, LegalMation

James Lee speaks on the panel at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Korean Lawyers, Seoul, South Korea.

July 20, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on the Practice of Law

Enoch Liang, Co-Founder, LegalMation

Enoch Liang speaks on the panel at the NAPABA Western Regional Conference, Silicon Valley, CA.

June 23, 2017

LegalMation Beta Launched at MCCA G-TEC Conference – Daily Journal coverage

Shane Nelson

LegalMation, a California-based technology start-up, debuted a new artificial intelligence platform designed to help law firms by automating key tasks in the early stages of litigation…

(continue reading)
Originally published in Global Tec Forum Daily Journal
June 20, 2017

Legal Tech Download: IBM Watson Meets Motion Practice

Aebra Coe / Law360

The world of legal technology is quickly evolving, with new products aimed at aiding lawyers coming to market in rapid succession.

(continue reading)
Originally published in Law360
June 19, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Luncheon Plenary


LegalMation Co-Founder and CEO James Lee and board member Neil Sahota, plenary panel presentation on AI and its impact on law, Minority Corporate Counsel Program Global TEC Forum, San Francisco, CA.

June 19, 2017

LegalMation Automates Attorney Litigation Tasks

Penny Desatnik

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Harnessing the cognitive computing capabilities of IBM Watson®, Los Angeles-based LegalMation™ launches a robust platform today that automates many key tasks involved in the early stages of litigation…

(continue reading)
Originally published in Marketwired

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