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LegalMation leverages the power of IBM Watson™ to produce high-quality draft litigation work in about two minutes

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LegalMation helps in-house legal professionals achieve unparalleled time and cost savings, obtain standardized and consistent outputs, and lower outside counsel spend.

law firms

LegalMation allows firms to achieve higher per-attorney profitability and efficiency, and to develop more competitive alternative fee offerings.

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  • End-to-end encryption for at-rest & in-motion data
  • Shave hours off case prep
  • Learn it in seconds
  • Developed by trial and litigation experts
  • Constantly improving
  • Supports several areas of litigation
  • Free trials available!

Change is good

The practice of law, particularly litigation, is perhaps the last professional services frontier ripe for disruption

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LegalMation leverages IBM Watson™ to conduct a detailed complaint analysis, in about two minutes.

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