A Fortune 50 insurance company achieves significant savings on its high-volume litigation matters through its adoption of LegalMation’s Complaint Response tool.

An insurance carrier with high volume litigation handled on behalf of its insureds, was searching for technology, tools, and processes to bring consistency, increase efficiency and lower its costs of defense. This insurance carrier partnered with LegalMation to identify an area of litigation where LegalMation could have a significant and immediate impact and decided to deploy LegalMation’s Complaint Response Creator for all of its third-party motor vehicle tort litigation across the United States.

LegalMation worked closely with client to customize the output from its platform to generate documents that mirrored the current output of the insurance carrier’s attorneys and paralegals. LegalMation was able to automate the creation of an answer, requests for production of documents, interrogatories, requests for admissions, and deposition notices, all tailored to the facts and allegations of each complaint and almost indistinguishable from those manually created by the insurance company’s attorneys and paralegals. LegalMation was able to generate this output in 2-3 minutes—a significant time savings over the insurance company’s prior practice for generating this output.

Following a pilot program consisting of processing all of its complaints for a single jurisdiction through LegalMation, the insurance carrier deployed LegalMation an integral part of its workflow for all jurisdictions where LegalMation currently operates. In these jurisdictions, when a new motor vehicle-related lawsuit is served on the insurance company or its insureds, the assigned counsel or paralegal runs the complaint through the LegalMation Complaint Response Creator, downloads the initial outputs, which are then reviewed by the attorney or paralegal and finalized, all within a few minutes.


  • Increasing budgetary pressure to lower legal spend on defense of insureds
  • Obtain more value from staff counsel
  • Reduce legal secretary/paralegal overtime


  • Deploy LegalMation internally so staff/captive counsel can generate initial response draft documents in minutes


  • Up to 80% time savings on key litigation tasks
  • Reallocation of staff/captive counsel time away from process/volume work to higher value strategic tasks
  • Increased consistency and quality in work product