LegalMation provides a suite of Artificial Intelligence tools to help litigation attorneys and legal professionals practice at their highest levels. Our litigation automation solutions tackle routine litigation tasks. Unlike existing template generators and form-fillers, LegalMation's ground-breaking AI system is able to dynamically produce responsive pleadings, discovery requests, discovery responses, and related documents that are tailored to the claims, allegations, and requests in the legal document uploaded, incorporating jurisdictional requirements as well as the attorney’s own style, formatting, and response strategy.

Our litigation analytics solution uncovers deep insights into our customers' own data (the data sitting underneath the surface), drilled down to granular data points, previously not possible. The impact? Our solution fundamentally transforms how cases are assigned, budgeted, settled, pitched, and much much more.

Developed by a passionate group of award-winning litigators and highly accomplished software developers, LegalMation is focused on liberating litigators to allow them to focus on more valuable tasks in their practice.

LegalMation distinguishes itself from other Artificial Intelligence products in several key aspects:

  • LegalMation is the first Artificial Intelligence company to focus solely on using AI to automate and enhance litigation tasks.
  • LegalMation uses cutting-edge AI to power its platform and, unlike some other legal tech platforms, LegalMation requires no human involvement to generate its output.
  • LegalMation's automation solution is not a template generator, form-filler, or other Q&A-driven tool. Rather, our A.I. solutions generate actual work product--caliber drafts of legal documents comparable to that of an attorney or legal professional that only require minor editing and basic review before filing/serving. Drafting these documents from scratch often takes an associate attorney or paralegal an entire day, but our products can produce comparable high-quality drafts in mere minutes.
  • LegalMation's analytics solution, takes an entirely different approach to data analytics. Our proprietary solution ingests a company or law firm's own existing data (billing, case results, etc.) and provides deep insights down to granular levels previously not possible. Unlike publicly available statistics, we believe our customer's own data provides truly actionable insights. After all, less than 5% of case results are publicly available.
  • LegalMation’s solutions are fully customizable to our customers' needs.
  • LegalMation’s solutions are easy to use and require no computer knowledge besides how to use a mouse and keyboard. Our products are browser-based; there is nothing to download or install. The interface is simple and clean, and designed to be accessible to even the least tech-savvy. As a result, the adoption cost for integrating LegalMation to an existing organization's workflow is very, very low.