LegalMation Unveils End-to-End AI Solution for Responding to Demand Letters. Company to showcase EEOC complaint response at 2024 CLOC Global Institute

April 26, 2024


LOS ANGELES, CA – April 26, 2024 – LegalMation, a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the legal and insurance industry, today announced the launch of the first of its kind demand letter response solution, which it will be showcasing at the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) Global Institute in Las Vegas May 6-9.

This new offering, which will start with automating responses to EEOC complaints, is set to further transform how legal departments handle high-volume claims, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Since its launch in 2018, LegalMation has been at the forefront of legal AI innovation, helping Fortune 500 companies save millions by automating routine litigation and related tasks. With the introduction of the demand letter response solution, LegalMation is expanding its reach to support a wider range of claims, making its technology accessible to a broader range of customers.

“We are thrilled to introduce our demand letter response solution at CLOC 2024,” said Thomas Suh, co-founder and COO of LegalMation. “This new offering is a game-changer for legal departments struggling with the time and cost associated with responding to high volume claims/demand letters including EEOC complaints. By automating this process, we can help organizations save significant resources while improving the speed and consistency of their responses.”

LegalMation’s AI-powered solution leverages advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques including generative AI to analyze demand letters, extract relevant information, and generate high-quality responses. This automation not only reduces the time and effort required to respond to these claims but also ensures a higher level of accuracy and compliance.

The launch of the demand letter response solution comes on the heels of LegalMation’s recent $15M Series A funding round led by Aquiline Capital Partners.. This investment has enabled the company to accelerate its product development efforts and expand its offerings to meet the evolving needs of the legal and insurance industries. “At LegalMation, we are committed to delivering AI solutions that provide measurable ROI for our customers,” added Suh. “For every dollar spent on LegalMation, our customers typically save between $5 and $7. We believe our demand letter response solution will be a valuable addition to our suite of already proven offerings. Companies that deal with a high volume of other types of demand letters and claims of various types; EEOC is the tip of the iceberg.” LegalMation will be showcasing its demand letter response solution and other AI-powered tools at booth #518 at the CLOC 2024 Global Institute. Attendees will have the opportunity to see live demonstrations, meet with the LegalMation team, and learn more about how the company’s solutions can benefit their organizations.

About LegalMation

LegalMation is a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the legal and insurance industry. Founded in 2018, the company has helped the world’s largest retailers, insurers, and manufacturers transform their legal operations by automating high-volume litigation tasks. LegalMation’s solutions leverage advanced AI technologies to deliver significant cost savings and efficiency gains for its customers. For more information, visit


Thomas Suh, COO LegalMation