Survey: Lack of Consistency in responding to Complaints and Discovery is a Huge Concern…Creates Real Risk

June 8, 2023


Claims Litigation Executives report that one of their key concerns is the lack of consistency that both their in-house teams and outside counsel panels demonstrate in their responses to important litigation requests.

This is not surprising, especially given the changing logistics of how we all work today, post-Covid. Staffs are not in the same locations any longer, both within the department and with counsel partners. Even though attorneys are used to working on their own and applying their good legal sense as to how allegations are answered, this may not always align with their legal department management’s guidelines or preferred positions.

The unfortunate result is that this inconsistency of response creates risk, and general uncertainty as to the positions taken by the company in its defenses.

But today’s litigation teams not only can but must bring in tools and expertise to minimize this risk and increase the consistency of responses using some very well thought out productivity tools and some well-controlled AI-assisted knowledge.

Each organization has within it a historical database of approved and submitted answers that can be leveraged to ensure that future responses are consistent with the company’s policies and procedures.

And, as a side benefit, by leveraging this knowledge, these documents can be produced more quickly, and at lesser cost than purely manual efforts. For companies whose litigation backlog is growing, while legal department budgets are shrinking, this could be a game-changer.
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