LegalMation® Adds Georgia to its Available Jurisdictions

January 20, 2021


LOS ANGELES (February 3, 2021) – LegalMation® is proud to announce that its AI platform has expanded to include support for Georgia litigation.  The company’s existing corporate and law firm customers that face large volumes of litigation in the jurisdiction drove the expansion.  LegalMation is now available in the ten largest jurisdictions by litigation volume which include California, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and now Georgia. These states combine to address nearly 80% of all litigation volume in the U.S.

LegalMation’s ability to extract hundreds of data points from a single lawsuit provides the basis for its accelerated decision-making platform.  The platform’s automation modules analyze complaints/lawsuits/discovery requests to generate high-quality draft responses, written discovery requests, and responsive objections, all within mere minutes.  In addition, LegalMation’s groundbreaking litigation analytics solution continues to gain momentum.

“Our clients have already seen significant time and money saved in the jurisdictions currently supported by LegalMation,” said CEO James Lee. “Adding Georgia is one more step to reduce litigation costs for our enterprise clients, which is particularly important in today’s radically altered environment.  With each improvement, LegalMation continues to get smarter.”

About LegalMation®

LegalMation is a legal technology company led by a group of experienced litigators and technology specialists, dedicated to revolutionizing the practice of law through artificial intelligence aimed at both in-house legal departments and law firms. For more information, visit