Walmart Adopts LegalMation’s Ground-breaking Litigation A.I. Solution to Lower Litigation Costs

April 1, 2018


Artificial Intelligence Software to Reduce Time to Prepare Responses to Lawsuits and Draft Initial Discovery Requests from 6-10 Hours to Less Than 2 Minutes


LOS ANGELES (April 1, 2018) – LegalMation, pioneering developer of the first platform that automates early stage litigation work by leveraging innovative IBM Watson™ technology, announces today that Walmart will implement LegalMation’s automated solution for all new lawsuits in key litigation areas as part of Walmart’s initial case assignment process.

LegalMation’s platform provides in-house legal teams and outside counsel the ability to respond to lawsuits and to draft the initial round of discovery requests in less than 2 minutes, shaving as much as 10 hours of attorney time on each lawsuit.  By simply uploading a PDF copy of a lawsuit, LegalMation automatically prepares a draft answer and initial set of targeted requests for documents, form interrogatories, and special interrogatories.

“With a busy legal department handling thousands of matters across the globe, and managing a large number of outside counsel on these matters, we welcome innovative and practical ways to increase efficiency, and free up our attorneys’ time to focus on more strategic activities,” said Alan Bryan, Senior Associate General Counsel, Legal Operations and Outside Counsel Management, Walmart, Inc. “LegalMation is exactly the type of innovative A.I. technology that will change the legal profession.  We are continuously looking for ways to lower our litigation costs so that our customers can ultimately benefit from lower prices.”

“We are excited to team up with Walmart to find practical ways to lower costs and respond to the challenges of the new competitive legal market,” said James M. Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of LegalMation. “Walmart’s visionary legal team is an industry leader in adopting innovative solutions.”

About LegalMation

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