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Become More Competitive

Demand for legal services is flat (or even trending downward), yet competition is fierce, overhead is rising, and talent retention is increasingly challenging.

LegalMation allows firms to achieve higher per-attorney profitability and efficiency. More importantly, LegalMation allows firms to develop and implement more competitive alternative fee arrangements, a must-do in today’s highly competitive environment.

As easy as 1-2-3, LegalMation produces high quality draft litigation documents ready for your review.

Through LegalMation’s first module-Complaint Analyzer-an attorney/paralegal simply uploads A complaint/lawsuit, and after 3 clicks and approximately two minutes, the attorney/paralegal downloads first drafts of written discovery (requests for production, interrogatories) and an answer.

LegalMation’s second module-Discovery Analyzer-creates response shells, and its proprietary SmartObject system suggests targeted objections to written discovery requests.  With several rounds of written discovery common in most cases, this function saves significant time.

LegalMation was developed to automate early stage litigation tasks, so that talented lawyers can focus on higher level and more cognitively intensive tasks.
Unlike other legal technology and AI solutions that are designed to assist lawyers do their job, LegalMation is designed to actually perform the work by preparing high quality first drafts.

Partner Level / Strategic Counsel
Technical / SME
Day To Day Responsibility
Process / Volume Intensive Tasks
Current Practice
With LegalMation

Imagine what your law firm can do given this capability: Implement more competitive (and profitable) alternative fee options, reallocate talented lawyers to perform higher value work, achieve higher profitability, and provide better value to your clients.

There is no new technology to learn — just a few clicks.

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