Law Firms

If your law firm has high-volume, repeat litigation matters (employment, torts, consumer cases, etc.), LegalMation’s Artificial Intelligence-powered platform can quantifiably (and significantly) increase your profit margins and lower paralegal/associate time spent on routine drafting tasks.  Developed by award winning litigators and technologists, LegalMation is used by leading law firms, achieving up to 80% reduction of time spent in drafting answers and discovery documents in the early stages of litigation.  For flat/fixed fee matters, LegalMation can fundamentally transform the economics of your cases.

Unlike existing template generators and form-fillers, LegalMation’s ground-breaking AI system is able to dynamically produce responsive pleadings, discovery requests, discovery responses, and related documents that are tailored to the claims, allegations, and requests in the legal document uploaded, incorporating jurisdictional requirements – all within two minutes vs. hours.

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