In-House Legal Teams
& LegalMation

Do More...
  With Less

Today, in-house counsel are expected to do more with less. Many are handling cases in-house with little or no outside counsel help. Others are tasked with constantly finding ways to lower outside legal spend. Our tools help in-house legal professionals achieve unparalleled time and cost savings, obtain standardized and consistent outputs, and lower outside counsel spend.

Time To Analyze Complaints

Current Practice
~8 hours

Time Saved With LegalMation

With LegalMation
~2 minutes

Do you handle matters in-house?

  • do more with less
  • focus on higher-level tasks

Do you manage matters with outside counsel?

  • lower outside counsel spend
  • reallocate to higher-level tasks

Recent trends have moved away from corporations outsourcing to outside law firms, to handling matters internally through their own in-house attorneys. The benefits for corporations are clear: in-house counsel can handle matters directly and save money by not paying outside-counsel rates.

However, in-house legal teams are facing trouble keeping up with the increased workload and feel the same pressure that other lawyers feel to deliver more with less. As a result, in-house counsel, particularly those handling more common and volume matters (employment, torts, insurance, etc.), require tools to be more efficient so they can devote their time to higher level tasks. LegalMation provides the solution. Even if your legal department is primarily tasked with managing large number of matters handled by outside counsel, the efficient use of LegalMation by your outside counsel can dramatically lower billable hours on key litigation tasks, providing direct-to-the-bottom-line savings for your company.

LegalMation reviews and analyzes complaints to prepare high quality first drafts of answers and written discovery — tasks normally handled by attorneys or paralegals in the early stages of litigation.
LegalMation’s first tool automatically generates draft answers to complaints and first set of written discovery requests.

Using an estimated hourly rate of $250 for a typical junior attorney at a law firm, the total fee charged by the average law firm to produce the above outputs is $2,000-$5,000.
A corporate legal department can save that amount each lawsuit just on this initial phase of discovery by utilizing LegalMation themselves or retaining outside counsel that uses LegalMation.