LegalMation FAQ

What is LegalMation?

LegalMation is a litigator’s trusted assistant.  LegalMation’s Complaint Analyzer produces high quality first drafts of answers and initial written discovery in about 2 minutes — tasks that normally take attorneys or paralegals hours to complete in the early stages of litigation.  LegalMation’s Discovery Analyzer generates discovery response shells and suggested targeted objections in a few seconds.  Whether you are an in-house legal counsel or a law firm attorney, you can now leave the tedious early discovery and litigation tasks to LegalMation and focus on more valuable strategic work. Unlike other tools that merely assist attorneys to do their work, LegalMation delivers actual first drafts of key documents.

Who created LegalMation?

LegalMation was developed by a core team of expert trial attorneys and litigators who have practiced at some of the most prominent law firms in the world, and technical experts in software and artificial intelligence. Our legal experts have received numerous accolades and their cases were featured in leading publications including Forbes and US News.  Moreover, our team members frequently speak on the topic of artificial intelligence in the practice of law as we promote responsible use of artificial intelligence.

How does LegalMation work?

LegalMation combines the artificial intelligence and cognitive computing abilities of leading AI solutions (including IBM Watson™) with its own proprietary system.  Simply upload a complaint (or discovery request) into LegalMation’s secure system, and LegalMation does the rest. With three clicks, LegalMation produces a set of high quality fully custom draft answer and initial set of written discovery (or discovery response shells with targeted objections) for your review. There are no other interface or software functions to learn.

Why did we create LegalMation?

In today’s highly competitive environment, in-house legal teams are facing tremendous pressure to do more with less. Equally, law firm attorneys are under tremendous pressure to deliver cost-effective representation. We recognized the need to introduce innovative tools that in-house and outside counsel can leverage to complete tasks more efficiently so they can focus on more cognitively demanding tasks. But instead of creating yet another tool to merely assist lawyers do their job better (such as a better legal research tool or a better data analytics tool), LegalMation was developed specifically to actually produce first drafts of documents in the early stages of a litigation — preparation of documents that we always believed lawyers are too valuable to perform. The ultimate result: significant cost savings, consistency, and better utilization of attorney time.

Does LegalMation produce attorney work product ready for filing or service?

LegalMation does not create attorney work product, but creates first/preliminary drafts similar to that created by a junior associate or paralegal. While LegalMation leverages artificial intelligence to produce high quality work, it goes without saying that everything must be reviewed and approved by a licensed attorney prior to filing or serving. We are not a law firm, and we do not engage in the practice of law. We provide our services only to attorneys admitted to practice law in the United States.

How can I try LegalMation?

Please contact or call us at (888) 219-7239 and our team would be happy to contact you to get you started on a FREE trial.

How much does LegalMation cost?

We charge on a per-case basis.  Use our system through the duration of your case for one low flat fee.  Depending on volume, special discounts are available.
LegalMation is particularly beneficial for large volume practices at corporate legal departments or law firms that handle tort, employment, insurance, and similar matters.

Please contact us at to sign up for a FREE trial.